.357 hurts my ears

Discussion in 'Smith & Wesson' started by bisbob, Nov 20, 2012.

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    I have been running around three different shooting ranges, renting various handguns to find a couple to add to my collection (Glock 19, SA 1911 RO, S&W 632 (wife's)). Had it narrowed down to trying Sig 226 E squared, Beretta Px4, Beretta 92FS. So, of course, I run into a guy at one range who lets me shoot his S&W 686 Plus revolver. Loved it. Would be a great nightstand/range gun. Too heavy to carry around. Today I rented one and tried the .357 rounds as well as the .38 special rounds. With .357 my hits were spread out over 6.5 inches. With the .38 specials it was only 3 inches. So now I have found a nice revolver that shoots both, but is more accurate with the .38s, as well as making popping sounds compared to dynamite blasts (.357). Okay, perhaps I exaggerate just a little.

    So should I focus on buying a 686 plus, or go for a S&W like the 64 which is made specifically only for the .38 special?
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    Welcome to the forum!!

    You got it..............357's are noisy. One more reason to always wear ear protection!!

    Yes, there are many revolvers out there that are labeled .357 Magnum and they will all also fire .38 Specials. Very nice combination.

    For your future hearing.........please wear hearing ear muffs or, at least, foam plugs!

    Good shooting.......

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    I have a model 27 8 3/8"barrell, it is as heavy as it is loud. would not have it any other way

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