.38 spl +P Brass and Magnum primers

Discussion in 'Target Shooting' started by ncbengal, Dec 14, 2009.

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    First question: Can anyone tell me if factory loads in .38+P use different, i.e., heavier, brass than garden variety .38 spl brass? When resizing with expander die a mixed bag of .38 brass it certainly seems that some are heavier or at least thicker at the neck than others, :idea: but I haven't analyzed the head stamps of each one to make a correlation. :?:
    Second question: I have had some opinions about compensating for use of Mag. primers in moderate/target loads. Thise include reducing powder charge about 10%, etc. Assuming that mag. primers are just "hotter" is there reason to question their effects on cast bullets, melting, etc. :?: I got a buy on some mag primers but practice more with 38 cases than 357's. Anybody aware of actual testing being done? Thanks

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