Best Ammo for Beretta 9mm M9

Discussion in 'Beretta' started by dnaeagle1, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. dnaeagle1

    dnaeagle1 New Member

    Just bought a Beretta M9. Waiting my 10 days. I have been researching ammo. Any thoughts on best target range ammo for high round usage. Also, best defense ammo. I saw one test done that recommended Speer Standard 124gr Gold Dot JHP or 147 gr Gold Dot JHP. Thanks
  2. jdg67

    jdg67 New Member

    From my humble experience on the Beretta 90-two.

    For target shooting at 15m I used

    Blazer 9mm - the bullets go all over the place . Make sure that you shoot SW if you want to shot south!!

    Remington - they shoot a little bit too low.

    Best results are obtained by Fiocchi 114g. - POI. You may need to change your target after 20 as you would blow a big hole in the middle!!

    just my 2 cents worth!!

  3. unkleschilke

    unkleschilke New Member

    Hiya all. FIrst post for me on Pistol World. Have a couple hundred on Shotgunworld.

    I have a mid '90's 92fs inox and it eats everything. GO as cheap as you can go. Wolf.. Herter.. it'll throw it down the barrel every time.

    Only had one squib. And it was my reload. Poked it out with a screwdriver :shock: ran a bronze brush thru it and back to tearing up that old TV.

    When I shoot mine, im not worried about the gun malfunctioning. I'm worried that the ammo might squib again.

    I have never heard of them ever being finicky about ammo.
  4. SouthernPride

    SouthernPride New Member

    the only thing you may have to worry about if shooting steel case ammo is the wear on the chamber, i have shot about 3000 rounds of steel case and yet to have a problem, i say go with the wolf for practice,then buy several different Hollow point ammunition ,shoot it then buy more of the one that groups the best. MHO.
  5. Road Rat

    Road Rat Member

    Another thread that Refuses To Die!!!!!!!!! :roll:

    :wink: :wink: :wink:
  6. BROBS

    BROBS New Member

    my favorite for target shooting is

    "RWS sport line 124gr FMJ"

    it costs a little more than say winchester white box.. but it's blazingly accurate and closer to the load you would typically have in a personal defense round.
  7. Glock Doctor

    Glock Doctor Member

    There's no reason to kill this thread - What for? :roll:

    I buy, almost, all of my 9mm, 'range ammo' at Wal-Mart. I used to burn up 1,000 round cases of Aluminum Blazers; but, for range use, I've recently switched over to Federal, 'Champion' and/or Federal, 'American Eagle'.

    For many many years I reloaded 9 x 19mm; but, the only slight difference in cost, and acceptable quality of Wal-Mart ammo finally caused me to simply go to Wal-Mart. (Incipient tendonitis in my hands might, also, have had something to do with this decision - Almost 40 years of reloading beats hell out of your hands and lower forearms!)

    I do my best to stay away from either steel-cased, or Com-Bloc ammo; and, so far, thanks to Federal and a few other ammo manufacturers I've been able to do it. Fiocchi, 'Perfecta' is, also, very popular at our range, right now. If you carry, or need something for self-defense I highly recommend Federal, 'HST' 124 gr. or 147 gr 9 x 19mm ammunition. I use both; and I love these 9mm rounds! They're right up there with Winchester, 'Ranger-T'.

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