Gill Arm Lock for Glock, Pistol brace better than stock

Discussion in 'Glock' started by john Mclaren, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. john Mclaren

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    Check out this new accessory for Glock pistol called Gill Arm Lock. It definably add on to you capability and work as stock. Pistol and SBR braces are getting popular for their performance. Recently SIG came up with their design we might see few more this year.
    It works great. You can point left right, adjust shooting angle, shock adsorbing pad etc. Made from same polymer material as most of the pistol frame are made of. It definitely enhance you capability as muzzle rise will be significant less and pistol is more stable and you can shoot better for next round. Best is, no SBR permit required as it is perfectly legal per ATF. There are slow motion performance videos on YouTube. Check it out!!
  2. Glock Doctor

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    Yeah, this device has been going around on various on-line gun forums for awhile now. Frankly I think any (perceived) necessity for this contraption can be put aside by simply demonstrating proper pistol shooting form.

    In other words: Don't attempt to manage, or shoot a pistol from your wrist. Lock your wrist, firmly flex your elbow, and shoot the pistol, 'from your shoulder', instead. By doing this I, and other pistol shooters and instructors like me, are able to rapidly fire an entire magazine into a row of targets and hit every one as the pistol's front sight moves across the targets and on down the line. (Like when you're shooting a rack of steel plates!)

    Gizmos like this won't make a better pistol shooter out of someone; but, proper grip and (acquired) proprioceptive muscle reflexes will. As Jeff Cooper used to say (and I paraphrase): 'Be careful about what accessories you put on your pistol because, sometimes, you might end up in a gunfight where there's no time or place for gizmos.'

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