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Discussion in 'Target Shooting' started by str8 shot, Feb 28, 2012.

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    If you shoot a 40 s&w and you don't reload you may want to check out target ammo sales online. I recently bought a few boxes of blazer aluminum case 165gr FMJ (claims 1080 fps) for target practice. It was only $13.49 a 50rd box. They also have it in 180gr. FMJ. Aluminum so you can't reload it, but at that price who cares. I've heard some bad things about reloading 40 s&w anyway, if the reloader tries to push it or allows bullet setback, when we're talking about not fully supported case like a glock. Nothing against glock. Love my glock, but I shoot new factory ammo out of it. If you know more about reloading 40 s&w safely comments and disscusions are welcomed.
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    For the BEST DEAL at any given time on ammunition just :

    Enjoy the trip.

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    Hopefully, the price could fit my budget. :)

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