I designed a target (2nd try) please tell me what you think

Discussion in 'Target Shooting' started by Mchine, Feb 24, 2010.

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    I started making color-plast plastic targets 12" X 18" where the 10 Inter-targets moved as they are struck. They sell okay, but they are flat labor intensive,,, and I've hating life when I get a large order.
    I've moved on to 11" X 17" Bright Bold Paper Targets w/ Ten 2 1/2" colored Inter-targets on each target. I chose 80 lb gloss text heavy paper rather than the cheap recycled stuff to give the shooters bright, high color to shoot at. The circles are high contrast under any light conditions for easy aim. TargetsCan be backed w/ coro-plast plastic backing boards, wood, etc. The whole idea with both targets is not to have to go down range every time you changed weapons or positions - and still have fun. You just pick another colored circle to shoot at, and keep shooting.

    Would some of you look at my website again, and the tell me what you think? I'm looking for 'constructive, nice and honest' comments again as you have in the past. Thanks
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    Re: I designed a target (2nd try) please tell me what you th

    I think your targets are great for use as being demonstrated in your photos- a scoped pistol at modest range. Personally, most of my pistol shooting is practice with my CCWs, and pie-plate accuracy quick is more what I'm going for there. When I practice with my (unscoped) hunting pistols, I'm usually practicing for 25 or 50 yard shots (I have to use a public range, so I can't set my own distances). I hope to eventually be able to use a target such as this, but at my current skill level and iron sights, I'm more apt to go with a 6 or 8-inch circle. I would imagine, though, if I were able to go out in the back yard and shoot my .22, that I would find your targets to be quite useful. You might also market them for use with .22 rifles and air rifles. I could see them being a lot of fun with the air rifle.

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