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  1. tenmilli-master

    tenmilli-master New Member

    It's Jericho 941. NOT the Baby Eagle.

    I'm sorry, it's just whenever I see that name that Magnum Research has given the Jericho... it boils the blood.


    I'd like to say that the Jericho 941 is the original name, and I would much appreciate it if you referred to it as such.
    It was termed the Baby Eagle because it looked like the Desert Eagle- in truth, the Desert Eagle was made as a solo project, while the Jericho was based off a CZ model eons before the Desert Eagle.

    Moreover, it's a shame that Magnum Research doesnt offer 9-41 conversion any more. .41AE was quite a powerful round, compared to .40sw. I'm saddened that it hadn't caught on before IMI sold the Jericho.
  2. Mark F

    Mark F New Member

    I didn't want to say anything... about the "baby eagle". But you're right... it is a Jericho 941, which is a nice CZ knock-off. There were lots of CZ knock-off's...

  3. lordblix

    lordblix New Member

    I happen to have a Baby Desert Eagle. The gun doesn't say Baby anywhere on it. Its markings are as follows "Desert Eagle Pistol". While it is a Jericho keep in mind that people who have a Baby Eagle should be calling it by what they have. Not what you think it should be called.

    It is the Magnum Research Import and denotes a time frame for the import of their gun. Like the Jericho 941 was a KBI import and the UZI Eagle was a Mossberg import. They are all the same gun the name distinguishes who imported it and gives a rough guess of when it was imported.

    It shouldn't irritate you when people are calling their gun by what they have or what they want. I couldn't imagine what my life would be like if I got irritated over such stupid things.
  4. drsfmd

    drsfmd New Member

    I'd just be happy if I could find a fitted holster... I don't care what people call the gun :)

    There's little out there for accessories for the 9 and 40, but there's NOTHING for the 45... you can't even find mags, much less a holster, night sites, etc...
  5. lordblix

    lordblix New Member

    I can get you Magazines, and Night Sights for the .45. However, I don't know about the holster. I guess that would depend on what kind of holster you want. There are adjustable holsters that will even fit a glock with or without a tach light. Those should work pretty well. Then there may be some better fitted ones if you know what to look for. Or you could possibly have a holster made.
  6. Gullwing

    Gullwing New Member

    I have 3 versions of the 941,full size in 9mm, FS semi compact in 45acp & a dual tone FS in 9mm. I find numbers 2 & 3 suit my hand best & are very accurate& reliable, and although the producers say its not so good to use lead reloads, I have never had a problem, the 45 has now fired approx. 2500 rds of L/Colt 245grn Flt Point sized to 451 with 2.8 grns Bulls Eye, deep seated. ( clean it thoroughly every 100 rds ) amount fired each range session. the 9mm`s I only use jkt heads. Other club members also want the FS45acp, after seeing mine perform,but they seem to have disappeared off the market at the moment. Would not wish to part with anyone of them even for treble the price.
  7. Model67ftWin

    Model67ftWin New Member

    Hi all! First post here. I'm a new Jericho owner, full size steel frame in 9mm. I've been a fan for a couple of decades now and finally took the plunge. I have a question about compatibility between years of manufacture. I have to adjust my grip on the handle slightly to reach the slide release, and I know early Jerichos had an extended slide release similar, if not identical to, the Tanfoglio version on the EAA Fab 92. Google images for that gun if you don't know what I'm talking about. Anyway, since it's a slide release and pin, and the basic design has been pretty stable over the years, are these parts interchangeable between old and new production? If I could track down one of those slide releases I'd like to try it on my pistol just to see if it would allow me to reach the release without changing my grip.
  8. Glock Doctor

    Glock Doctor Member

    Yours is a very good question; and I'm not going to pretend to know the exact answer. The Jericho 941 is based on CZ's basic pistol design. The IMI/Magnum Research pistols are not. The design characteristic of the IWI/MR guns are patterned after the original Desert Eagle. In other words the earlier IMI Desert Eagles pistols are not identical to the later imported IWI Jericho 941's.

    (The original, 'R' models have the safety/decocker on the slide while the later, 'F' models have the safety and the decocker mounted on the left side of the frame. Your question appears to refer to the later, 'F' models which are, pretty much, CZ clones.)

    I don't know if the two parts your interested in are interchangeable - maybe so, maybe not - but the importer/distributor would probably be the best party to call and ask. (Sometimes you can look at the schematics and compare the part numbers. Highly similar numbers often indicate interchangeability, OK.)

    This being said, the IWI Owners Manual warns against making any Rube Goldberg modifications to the pistol. So what you really need to do is contact IWI Tech Support @ 717.695.2081, and ask them whether or not you can do something like this on you later, 'F' model pistol?

    I'm going to add something else for your information: I'm certified to teach combat pistolcraft - NOT gun gamesmanship, but combat pistolcraft. We don't teach using the slide release; we treat this part strictly as a slide stop, instead.

    On a larger pistol like the Jericho 941, the support hand is always placed over the top of the slide, pressed tight, and pulled backwards to release the slide in one smooth fast motion. The only time the slide stop MIGHT be used is if or when the support arm is unable to complete the required motion.

    (An alternative method for releasing the slide is shown in the Owners Manual: It involves using the thumb of your support hand in order to release the, 'Slide Catch Lever'. If you use this method then it will NOT be necessary for you to shift your gun hand on the frame!)

    In case you don't have one, here's an on-line copy of the Owners Manual for the Jericho 941. It appears to be an exceedingly well written manual that is well-worth reading if for only it's gun-handling advice, alone!

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