Lead bullets on an indoor range.

Discussion in 'Target Shooting' started by Beretta96, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Beretta96

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    I went to an indoor pistol range for the first time yesterday. I was shooting my Beretta 96 40 S&W with handloads 180 gr. lead, Unique Powder. I fired four clips total, using hearing protection. After getting home, I got a headache, which is unusual for me. Do you think "lead vapor" might be involved? The indoor range is new and seems to have good ventilation.
  2. Road Rat

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    Quote: Do you think "lead vapor" might be involved? Unquote


  3. kitsap

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    A valid concern but no. Pure lead melts at around 625 degrees while lead with a little antimony in it will melt at around 650 to 675 degrees. The point is that in order to have lead vapor, you have to go a fair amount above the melting temperature. A new range very probably would have a decent ventilation system so I don't think you've any worries there.

    What I'm guessing happened is that you were wearing single hearing protection instead of double hearing protection. Remember that unless the indoor range has Sound baffles appropriately designed and installed (not likely) then the sound impact of shooting indoors will be greater. Next time, try double hearing protection (at the shipyard where I work -PSNS - there are operations that require it: foam earplugs with ear muffs on top of that). It will probably make a difference. Try it.
  4. drsfmd

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    Lead takes a LONG time to build up in the bloodstream. A single outing isn't causing you lead poisoning induced headaches! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Lead starts to vaporize at a temperature well over 900 degrees. A melting pot with a thermostat won't get anywhere near that...
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    Headaches can be caused by many things - could have been the noise of your shooting echoing around and hitting your head from multiple angles.

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