M-52 vs 1911

Discussion in 'Target Shooting' started by Hal M. Hare, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Hal M. Hare

    Hal M. Hare New Member

    I have a harder time shooting my M-52 than my 1911. One would think that better scores would be easier with the 38 vs 45--but that isn't the case for me.

    What is it about the M-52 design that makes it less forgiving to shoot?
  2. uglydog

    uglydog New Member

    I think it is the trigger, at least on mine. Many think the trigger is great but there is something there that I find to be slightly disconcerting. I can't place just what it is but it is there, kind of like a subliminal message. That said, I shoot the 52 quite well when taking deliberate aim with it, even better than most 1911s I've owned. Its just there is something about it I find potentially distracting and that shows up when firing more rapidly for me.

  3. Amerflyer48

    Amerflyer48 New Member

    The 2 main differences I found when I shot them are

    the M52 has a pivoting trigger not a sliding one and the barrel slides back not a swing link

    so the 1911 seems to cycle faster,..I swear I can feel the slide moving when the 52 cycles

    I think the difficulty I had was the timing of the shots and wanting to rush them feeling like I had to make up time for the perceived slower slide cycle and sacrificed some follow through and trigger control which opened up the groups

    I think its a trigger time thing, sort of like the readjust from a S&W M41 to a Browning Medalist grip angle :D

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