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Discussion in 'Target Shooting' started by Chad_Charleston, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Chad_Charleston

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    Hey guys, I have been shooting shotguns for a while now, and recently found out I was eye dominant, and have switched to shooting lefty (on the reccomendation because Im young). I have gotten into pistol shooting a little bit, and I know that if I would have started shotguns the right way, it would be easier. So, with me being left eye dominant and right handed, should I shoot left handed, with my right eye closed or vice versa?
  2. ColoradoKid

    ColoradoKid New Member

    You will shoot the shotgun lefthanded, of course, but you can shoot your .22 pistol righthanded, even though you maybe left eye dominant. Using whatever stance you prefer, I recommend the Weaver stance and an aggressive two handed grip, stand facing your intended target. Point in(aim at) the center of the target and while focusing on the front sight, move the weapon to the left, more inline with the centerline of your body. Finally, turn your head just a bit to the right to bring your left eye in alignment with the front sight and your target. It will take a few evolutions of this technique and it will come very naturally to you and you will be able to shoot very well using this technique....I promise. Good Luck..

  3. TMats

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    Won't matter with pistol shooting, you should shoot with both eyes open anyway.

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