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Discussion in 'Target Shooting' started by Maser, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Maser

    Maser New Member

    hey guys i know that most ppl here like to be profesional n stuff n only shoot at paper targets but anyways whats the weirdest targets uv ever shot at? heres a list of mine:

    old pc
    toilet paper roll
    old lawnmower
    wrecked car
    bee hives
    stop signs
    baby bottle
    microwave oven
    washing machine
    cow carcase
  2. uglydog

    uglydog New Member

    I'd say I've shot up about anything that can be found in a house and cars, and trucks are old hat. Then again we attempt to make training as realistic as possible so make up our own "Hogan's Alley" during qualifications. The oddest target was the plastic Martian bad guy in neon green. He appeared just behind a poster of Jane Fonda to test the professionalism of the Vietnam vets. Growing up on the farm there were lots of "targets of opportunity" and I couldn't even begin to list them. Milkweed pods, thistle heads, wasps and hornets are about the most exotic I shoot now for which I use a BB gun. I'll still plink cans a little with the .22, occasionally the .17, or a pistol of some sort but not often. Most of my shooting now is for a reason and just plinking does not allow for serious interpretation of loads or skill.

  3. Maser

    Maser New Member

    o yea and i forgot to add that also i shot my little brothers pikachu doll :twisted: lol dont worry he knew i was gonna do it cuz it was all messed up looking anyways so he said i could shoot it :wink:
  4. Finch

    Finch New Member


    Real smart :roll:
  5. dennishoddy

    dennishoddy New Member

    I guess its kind of odd, but when the grandson comes out, I take charcoal briquettes and tie them to a horizontal wire in front of the shooting berm, and let him "blow em up" :D Helps to keep them interested. :D
  6. Need2Shoot

    Need2Shoot New Member

    Heres your list and my comments on each one:

    psx - what is this?
    old pc - especially if it dies on you while ur doing your taxes online
    toilet paper roll - just make sure ur not using it while shooting it (?)
    old lawnmower - just make sure no ones using it while you're shooting it
    wrecked car - just make sure no ones sleepin' in it when shooting it
    bee hives - just make sure no bees are in it, otherwise... ouchy :shock:
    stop signs - just make sure ya come to a complete stop first FYI
    baby bottle - just make sure baby isn't using it
    diapers - just make sure baby isn't wearing it
    microwave oven - set it to "high" then blast away
    washing machine - set it to "spin" cycle then blast away
    cow carcase - set it to "dead & stinking" then blast away
    padlocks - if you no longer have the keys for it, why not?
    bricks - as long as they are not holdin' up the trailer, why not?

    Best thing I ever shot was a Panasonic 13" TV with my 12 guage Remington 870. Grammy was peeved because she never found out who killed who on 'General Hospital'. :lol:

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