recommended pistol sports for a beginner.

Discussion in 'Target Shooting' started by findangle, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. findangle

    findangle New Member

    I'm currently saving up my toy money for a Ruger MkII pistol.

    This will be my first pistol and I fully understand that I'm taking the first steps down a long path of shooting but at some point (and sooner rather than later) I'm going to want to get into some sort of regular competition. preferably club level at first and see where it goes.

    Competition makes it that much more fun for me and will motivate me to become a better shooter.

    Disclaimer: I don't expect to win. I don't even expect to do well. In fact at first I sort of hope I DON'T do all that well. I also own and shoot a remy .410 at the 5 stand trap and my personal best is 8/25 so far. I expect a long road of work towards improvement and I enjoy the challenge of bettering my last score. I don't care what the guy next to me shoots and honestly i don't care to know my score till the end of the round. Missing a lot doesn't discourage me. it doesn't upset me. it's not a waste of targets, ammo and entry fee's. it's a journey that i find quite satisfying.

    Now all that said..

    What sort of competitive pistol sports can you guys recommend? I don't own a gun for self defense and don't expect to buy a gun in an appropriate self defense caliber any time soon. I will likely stick with .22 for quite a while. eventually moving up from the ruger to a SW 41.

    I'm not really sure what's popular with handgun sports. I shoot 5 stand trap because it's popular and there is always a group ready to shoot with. I'm looking for something along those lines in pistols. something a lot of people shoot at a lot of clubs with a wide variety of skill levels.

    So give me your ideas. what should i be looking for?
  2. Shooting Bloke

    Shooting Bloke New Member

    Get to a club that shoots ISSF matches. Shoot these matches:
    Standard Pistol - sometimes called 25m pistol, Men
    Sports Pistol - sometimes called 25m Pistol, Women
    Don't worry about the apparent sexism - the Sports match is identical to the ISSF Centrefire match but shot with rimfire guns instead.
    When you have a handle on these matches, try 50m (Free Pistol) and don't worry that the Ruger won't be up to it.
    Then find a place to shoot handgun rimfire metallic silhouette.
    There are plenty of fun and challenge in all these matches.
    Remember, front sight focus, stand still, and squeeze.

  3. Paul F.

    Paul F. New Member

    I agree with Bloke, however, be aware that most ISSF matches are extremely competitive. You might also enjoy local clubs that shoot bullseye fun matches, usually with small prizes or trophies. I enjoy the heck out of them, myself.
  4. findangle

    findangle New Member

    thanks for the responses guys. this is exactly the info i need.
  5. Need2Shoot

    Need2Shoot New Member

    Good choice. I have one myself, great gun to learn on.

    Yeah, good for you!

    We need more guys like you and less of the BS I see at some comps. You are supposed to have fun, do your best and... LEARN. Learn to be a better shot next time, always[u/] give it your best otherwise what's the point? Main thing is, just relax and have fun - you're amongst friends that share your very passion so just be yourself. :D

    Like you said, start with the rimfires (.22's) as they are cheap to shoot, you can shoot a lot and learn basic marksmanship skills. After doing that for about a year, move to another caliber and another disipline. Good luck.

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