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Discussion in 'SIG-Sauer' started by MGF, May 15, 2012.

  1. MGF

    MGF New Member

    Well, a Sig SP2022 in 9mm followed me home. Tomorrow will be first chance to give it a run to range. Obviously, the proof is in the shooting, but has anyone here had any experience with these? And, if so, would you share your impressions?
  2. ceh383

    ceh383 New Member

    I have one in .40. The first thing I will say is, if yours came with the Sig laser...It's junk, don't bother with it. Now for the gun, it fits my hand very well, and is a natural pointer for me. The gun is accurate enough for my purposes, but it is certainly not a tack driver. The trigger is a bit spongy but not terrible, you will get used to it. For the money, it's a good gun...better than some, worse than others...

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