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    I am an experienced pistol shooter(plinker) who has been away from shooting for a while and recently started shooting again. I shoot a Ruger Single Six .22, right handed. I have sighted the pistol from a rest to be on target center. Shooting one handed my shots tend to group at 9 oclock on the target. I have worked on my trigger control and am getting the proper "surprise" trigger break. I tend to think the problem may be with my grip. Any suggestions would be much appreciatrd.
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    sorry if this is repeat but my original post did not go through

    anyway I am a novice

    I have been waiting for 3months for my permit so I can buy and shoot my own weapons

    that said, shooting at the range wa s frustrating and expensive as I only had the NRA basic course to go by and no instruction

    I ended up reading US army marksmanship manual is in there+ on ine I found the Marines manual of pistol marksmanship

    Finally I found Al Legions that blog + his book helped me a lot

    I followed his suggestions and added some I have seen on youtube(Todd Jarrett has great videos, fist-fire has one too) about grips and trigger control and front sight use.

    I am more consistent now-- still have a long way to go but I am better

    hope this helps

    happy memorial day to all thos e who served. good safe shooting to you too :lol: :mrgreen:


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