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    :cry: Here we are at least a year now, more or less since I have lost track of time, since I turned in (the first timer) my Bass Pro bought “out of the box” malfunctioning Taurus 605 357 MAG poly. Yep, that’s right over a year, twice turned in to be fixed and still no replacement. They have a process as I have been told by their assigned (to my case) supervisor who keeps telling me that as soon as a new replacement comers in I will be getting one. Am I priority… NO, every customer is a priority I was told. So, I am just another customer waiting in what seems to be a very long and discarded line.

    Why did I say “very long and discarded line”, because twice now after speaking with this very polite and nice supervisor I immediately called Taurus sales in Miami and was told that they have them in stock? And twice now I have asked that a corporate supervisor call me, let me see that was 2-3 months ago, and I have yet to receive any calls.

    Oh, did I mention that once they decided, after the second attempt at fixing the issue, to replace the pistol they sent me a stainless steel (SS) one and asked me if this was an OK replacement. I said NO, I bought the pistol because the pistol for its light weight and a SS one is too heavy.

    The poor supervisor I am dealing with was dealt a bad hand by her supervisors, because I believe they are simply just stringing me along. She calls me monthly just to tell me she is still working on “our problem” but, as we all know this may never be solved.

    Did I forget to mention, that after the attempted to fix the issue the first time, I took the pistol to the range and fired 5-rounds of which each round had power blow back which I sent in photo of the powder stuck in my skin which I had to seek medical attention so as to ensure infection would not set in. You would be surprised just how big some of those powder chucks were.

    If anyone else has, or is experiencing the same issues with Taurus, please notice me. Since Taurus intentionally refuses to fix this issue, it is time a few local and federal agencies are notified. Along with generating this letter in as many forums and gun magazine editors as possible.

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