TRP - Will this stump you?

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory' started by artcaley, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. artcaley

    artcaley New Member

    Where can I buy a holster for a FULL rail TRP? :shock:
  2. Road Rat

    Road Rat Member

    Well, it appears you have been ignored by the normal folks!!

    First: are you going to use this as a concealed carry handgun?

    Second: where are you going to carry it? Hip, 3-4 o'clock, cross-draw, shoulder, etc.

    Third: with the rail you will have to order a holster from one of the manufacturers on the web; El Paso Saddlery, Milt Sparks, and dozens of others.

    When you get all the answers you will need contact a holster maker and talk to them about your wishes, desires, etc.

    Have fun in your search.

  3. artcaley

    artcaley New Member

    Road Rat,

    Thanks for your reply. You're right I should have provided more info.

    This holster would be for a LEFT handed shooter as a concealed carry application (at about 8 o'clock OTW).

    I know this makes it a special challenge, but during my search I couldn't find anything for a right handed concealed carrier either.

    I'll try the sources you mentioned. Thanks again.


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